Friday, March 15, 2013

March's Yields - A Veggie Update Part 2

As a follow up to my previous blog:
March's Yields - A Veggie Update Part 1

After much consideration this is what I eventually planted in the empty raised veggie border- top left.

Back in November, when the daytime temperatures were between 75 to 79 F, I planted slips of onions and cauliflower transplants. In January I planted cabbages which are still maturing. Now it's beginning to warm up again the cauliflowers are almost done.

From the Far End, Cauliflowers, Cabbages and Onions, along with a lone Tomato.
Onions take "forever" to mature-form bulbs, I'll probably harvest them in May, I just have to be patient.......tick tock.....

Cauliflower "White Cloud"
I tied off the Cauliflowers with their own leaves - "blanching" - to keep the heads white, otherwise they discolor and seem visually unappetizing to eat. Cauliflowers have very shallow roots, they don't need a big space to thrive in....but they do like lots of water.

If you want to try soon as the head starts to show through the leaves, gather the outer leaves to cover the head and secure with string, twine or an elastic band.

Zone 10 you are probably too late to put Cauliflowers in even as transplants they prefer temperatures under 75 degrees F. Ditto for Cabbages.

A Blanched Cauliflower..but not quite perfect
Compare Unblanched on left with Blanched on Right
I don't recall the type of cabbage I planted, and I'm hoping they don't all bolt at once now the weather is warming up rapidly.

Northern Florida: You might still have time regarding Cauliflower, and Cabbages.

A stray tomato seed took root in among the onions, and I didn't have the heart to pull it out. I had read that you are not supposed to plant tomatoes with onions, but so far both onions and tomato plant are thriving. Truth is the "tomato - not - supposed - to - be - growing - with - the onions" is actually doing better than the other tomatoes. When the cabbages are done, I might put Squash in this planter box.

Elsewhere in the garden I am trying to grow some strawberries. I never seem to get to them before the birds and squirrels. Currently I am nursing one litl' flower and check on it every day!

One Little Strawberry Flower
Next up: Zone 10 You Still Have Time To Get These Veggies in!

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