Thursday, March 21, 2013

Harvest on Wednesday, Then Dinner

There are lots of great websites out there that have a Monday Harvest or something similar, and I would love to link to them, but I can't get my act together by Sunday for a post on Monday. I'm still a busy mom-gardener-chief cook-laundress.....yawn. So you get my point.

With no further ado, here is my produce count for Wednesday.

Top left: Cherry Belle Radish, White Cloud Cauliflower, Red Sails Lettuce
Center: Dried Rose Petals (lovely in a tea with Chamomile)
Bottom left: Pole Beans, Broccoli off shoots. Pepper and Spinach

And then..... I decided to cook some of it as a side dish for our meal. So I sauteed the sprigs of cauliflower in grapeseed oil (the BEST cooking oil ever).

And then I added vidalia onions. Not from my garden though.

When onions are cooked = opaque, add the chopped and seeded pepper, green beans, broccoli, and spinach. Season with salt and pepper, and I used a tablespoon of Hoison sauce. The veggies seem to make its own sauce, if it appears to be drying out, just add a tablespoon of water at a time.

When spinach has melted, top it over your favorite dish.

Jeff Opperman, who writes for The Nature Conservancy online had a great blog post "How Better Meat Can Mean Less Meat....and More Water." I'm all for reducing my water footprint, and if you are too you can find his article here:

Linked within Jeff's post is the link to "Meatless Monday" a who's who of folks giving up Meat on Mondays, and there are lots of great recipes and it's a fun kinda blog.
Meatless Monday

Wednesday - because I didn't have any soy crumbles on Monday for Meatless Monday itself - but the thought was still there on Wednesday - I had soy based chili on a bed of lettuce (which included the Cherry Belle Radish and Red Sails from my harvest) and topped with the hoisin sauteed veggies; absolutely delicious! I like to eat hot food through a cooler salad base. My three men also enjoyed it as a side with their chicken. And guess what, soy based chili takes half the time to heat in a chili than meat, so my energy using footprint was also reduced.

I think I'm going to give myself a big Star (fruit) if not just for "Good effort! But you can do better!" sigh..... do we ever get free of High School?


  1. Looks like your garden is still producing nicely. I just love the winter veggie garden. It's so much easier than trying to grow something in summer. I fed the last red sails lettuce to our guinea pig because it was getting a bit too bitter for me.

  2. Thanks Susan, I fed the outer leaves to my Conures and only ate the little inner leaves. I agree..we are running out of time before everything bolts and turns bitter. It's been a strange winter season for us Floridians.


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