Tuesday, August 27, 2013

More Butterflies in The Tuesday Garden

The abundance of summer rainfall continues to keep the milkweed plant happy and, as a result of the prolific blooms, I have many butterflies all vying for a sip of the nectar.

In the background you can see my 'squash' plant leaves that are as big as dinner plates. This squash is called the Calabaza and the vines are trying to escape from the confines of the raised vegetable bed and creep their way over to the Bottlebrush where they will rampantly scramble up the branches and set fruit - more on that later. In the meantime the leaves are doing an excellent job of keeping the tomatoes shaded from the 90 F + degree heat.

I was able to sneak up on this Monarch and get some great close ups. 

Since I didn't fancy painting my face green and/or dressing up in my son's camo outfit in order to blend in with the bamboo, I decided upon trying to stay as still as possible while an irate carpenter bee, who was convinced I was going to steal her Spanish Needle pollen, buzzed madly around my head.

In short, if you plant it they will come. It takes a while to establish a butterfly garden. This year I planted more Pentas and Lantana.


When brushed across their leaves, Lantana sends up a delicious minty/lemony fragrance.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Butterflies in The Tuesday Garden

Swallowtails are just gorgeous aren't they?

 I found these two teeny, tiny, little peeper frogs hiding in a leaf of my citrus tree. You can just about see the other one peeking out at me from the back.

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