Monday, March 18, 2013

Airboat Ride on The Everglades

Over the weekend both my young men were at a loose end for the day. Thinks mom.......Ah ha! It must be time for an "adventure!"

Since my youngest son (17 yrs old now) is enlisting next year into the US Air Force, this mom has to make the most of these cherished family outings while both young men are still at home.

If you like natural scenery, see a previous blog of mine, regarding a previous "adventure" we went on.
Grassy Waters Preserve

So we went out to the Loxahatchee Airboat Tour/Rides, located west of Hillsboro Blvd., in Broward County, FL. USA. It was an hours ride south from where we live and frankly, I thought we'd never get there...but it was well worth it!

Our guide "Dave" was great. He would turn the boat around so everyone got an opportunity to see or photograpah a wildlife incident. Dave was a former trapper for Palm Beach County and had lots of information to share about wildlife and in particular - alligators.

Click below link for more info.
Loxahatchee Airboat Tours

Leaving the Dock

Beautiful Scenery

Wildlife Sightings Abound

This Gator Has His "Grumpy Face" On Because His Sun Snooze Was Rudely Interrupted
A Male American Alligator Sunning Himself While Casually Protecting His "Turf"
Our Young Men In Front Of The Airboat
You might wonder "why are those folks wearing jackets in Florida when it's 70F outside?" Let me tell you - for us thin-blooded Floridians 70 is pretty cold, especially with a very cool wind blowing from the West to the East.

After disembarking we visited their cool little museum which housed lots of stuffed animals including a very large alligator, an otter, a lynx, a bobcat, red squirrels (in USA?), and a raccoon whom appeared to be sleeping soundly and draped over a branch at the moment of his demise.

Ah, but was it worth the money? If you love nature = yes. If you love scenic water views = yes. If  - when the boat stops - you can appreciate the vastness of a natural area (albeit nowadays a "managed" natural area) and hearing musical bird calls, you can ditto that.


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