Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Hope Grows Day: March 2011

for another fresh, new idea: The First Hope Grows Day meme.

In order to rise to Hanni's challenge, I prowled around my garden, Iphone quivering with anticpation of a good shot, looking for something to put into my blog. However, I was distracted on the way by another Horde of Lubburions which have
had taken up residence on my bush beans. I don't think so......But I digress......

I finally decided on two Hopeful Grow Candidates:

This fleshy, stick-like tree is actually a dormant Frangipani (Plumeria).

For more info on this flowering plant: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Plumeria

As you can see from my rather poorly executed photograph (I had to hold the stem and take photograph at the same time), I am "expecting" some new leaf shoots to develop. After that occurs, probably about the same time as April 5th, we can look forward to some very fragrant flowers. My Frangipani is almost 8 feet tall now. I grew it from a cutting which I had bought at a arts fair 3 years ago. Since it is very unattractive without its leaves and flowers, I have a Gardenia in the front to somewhat distract from the Frangipani's  gangling appearance.
New Leaves Budding
My second hopeful contender is this rather bulbous looking sprout. It is a Weeping Bottlebrush (Callistemon Spp.): more info found at: http://floridasnature.com/landscape/bottlebrush_tree.htm

Weeping Bottlebrush

The Bottlebrush only does really well after a good rain. We have two of these directly outside our patio. Since the Giant Eastern Swallowtail Butterfly and Hummingbirds, luv, luv, luv, this shrub it remains a firm fave in my garden. This is what it will look like after a good couple of rainfalls between now and April (hopefully).
Bottlebrush "brush"


  1. Hey, Dawn, I wish I had been aware of your blog sooner! How nice to find someone who is as interested as I am in growing veg - most people (bloggers, anyway) seem to be primarily interested in ornamentals. I'm the other way round: mostly I am a veg gardener, though I also appreciate flowers.
    I love your idea of the drip-feed mechanism for the tomatoes. Probably not required for me here in the UK yet, but with climate change having its effect, anything could happen!

  2. Thanks for visiting from across the 'Pond' Mark!
    I love your blog and the photography. I am going to try and "chit" some potatoes now I have read about it. Previously I just plunked them in the garden, they came up but oh-so-slowly!

  3. Hi Dawn...Two good choices. I need to go out and check our frangipani...not sure if it made it through the winter. It is pretty tough though considering how tropical it is.

  4. Wow Dawn! I am woefully ignorant of plants that grow in your zone...the bottlebrush is spectacular! And I am duly impressed at an 8 ft tall plant that you grew from a cutting. Wow, indeed. :)

  5. Susan, thanks!

    Hanni, thank you, but you flatter me...the frangipani's origins are from very similar to Florida's climate, and so it was really easy to grow from a cutting (although it's tempting to take full kudos) :)


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