Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Goofy Wednesday Humor II in the Garden

"Eddie, Eddie, wil'ya wait up, I knows Mouse said right at the snake brushpile and we's goin' left!"

"Hush Malcolm, I knows where we's goin'. You's wanna eat, right?"

"Yeah, yeah, I wanna eat." - Malcolm

"Eddie, Eddie, will'ya listen' for a moment, Mouse said don't mess with her tomatoes, she don't like that!" - Malcolm

"Hush Malcolm, she not here, so we's taking the shortcut through her tomatoes, over the broccoli and past the cabbages.. not that there is any left after our last visit. "
- sniggering
"Uh oh!" - Malcolm

 "Ask her Eddie, ask her!"

"Ahem, 'scuse me miss, can you point me and Malc here in the direction of the radishes?' - Eddie

"WHHAAAT?" - Human

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  1. They look really cute, but I bet that in reality they (or soon will) real pests.


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