Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Sundae hears a ribbitt.....

Sundae, our adopted Cockateil hears a strange sound in his water bowl...'ribbitt'

Sundae: "Yikes!! Better hold onto the cage...will it bite me? MOM! MOMMA!! MOMMY!!!"

A reptilian had decided that eminent domain applied to Sundae's water bowl...

"I'm not taking up that much space!.. ribbitt....ribbitt."

Here comes mom...."OK what's all the fuss about?"

"ribbitt....ribbitt. Lady if you think I am moving out you better rethink that..."

Mom: "Well why don't we go outside and look at some alternative housing options?"

"ribbitt....ribbitt as long as it doesn't include as room-mates a hawk, owl, snake, raccoon, etc.  I'm up for a look-see."

Mom: "We can offer a delightful, compact, bachelor pad available and complete with slightly and completely free,  stagnant water, lots of places to hide, and free grocery items on hand - like mosquito larvae, water bugs and the like, will that work for you?"

"ribbitt....ribbitt - oH this is perfect, and the shabby chic decor is just so me."

Mom: Thought so.


  1. DAWN!!!!! So happy to see you girl!! I thought you were gone forever! This is a cute story!!!! Lolol. So sweet! Hope all is well in your world!

    1. Thank you Julie, glad to be back. All is well - finally - take care, hugs Dawn..


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