Monday, August 18, 2014

Meatless Monday - Beet-A-Leekie Soup

I's Tuesday. Yesterday our internet connection was not working again. We are absolutely fed up with our internet provider here in South Florida and have had to invest in a cellular hotspot on the iPad. 

No matter, I think this soups tastes a little better on a Tuesday anyway.....

You will need:
3 leeks, just the white part, and sliced very thinly
1 Stick of celery, with some leaves if you wish - chop into tiny pieces
Bunch of organic dandelions, readily available in Publix right now
Two vegetable bouillon cubes
1 beetroot - scrubbed and chopped finely
10 stems/leaves of fresh parsley, washed, and snipped into little pieces
1 tsp ginger paste
1/2 tsp each cinnamon, freshly ground black pepper, powdered garlic
Can of garbanzos/chick peas - thoroughly washed to removed sodium content

Optional ---- also used 3 stems of leftover raw broccoli, discard the tough bits and chop finely.

Heat a little water in a large saucepan (no oil) and add the thinly sliced leeks, with the optional chopped broccoli.

When tender add 6 cups of water the bouillon cubes, celery, beetroot, and parsley, and simmer.

Now blanch the dandelions - plunge them into a boiling pan of water, remove almost immediately, and place them into ice water bowl, this removes the bitterness. Now add them to pan.

Add all the spices - but no salt!!
Add the garbanzos and just simmer on low.

At this point you can add a peeled, raw potato, cut into 3 pieces (apparently this will draw the salt out of the soup). After the dish is cooked, remove the potato pieces ---- Or.. you can just leave the potato in and cut into smaller pieces.

It is really delicious, hope you enjoy!


  1. I love soup! I made some last week that was supposedly the exact recipe for Zuppa Toscana from Olive Garden. The soup did taste very good, and was fun to try.


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