Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Yes! We Have No Bananas, But May I Interest You In A Strawberry?

My neighbor grows bananas in their back yard, Lady Fingers or something. I don't care for the taste so I'll just stick to Chiquata from Publix thanks. A mature clumping of bananas make a nice privacy fence though which is just as well since I was grinning like a fool over hosting Mama Owl and her baby this year. See my cute photo and bragging rights here.

Hosting The Hooters
Mama Screech Owl And Her Baby

However I do have one Strawberry, yes poor me just the one. 

One lonely, over-ripe and much heralded, little strawberry. I grew three Strawberry plants this year and all I have to show for all the lavish care and attention I have showered on said three plants is this.

And the only reason I have the solo Strawberry is because it's protected from those darn, pesky squirrels. Another recycling idea by Dawn. Use old birdcages, you saw it here first!

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