Thursday, May 9, 2013

A Thrifty Life. One man's trash and all that.

I love going to the Thrift / Junk / Salvage / Second hand store(s). I'm a treasure hunter to my bones but don't ever buy furniture because of the risk of bed bugs - they don't just live in mattresses....a couch/suitcase/cushion will work just fine.

Over the years I have bought real bargains and very high quality items for very little money.  The other day for example I picked up this really neat framed picture print from 1989 with a french title - that I think means 'the origins of the windsurfer boat' and a hand written love note message on the back! I was all agog. Who was this written for? Where did they go? Did they get married, have children.....then what happened? I wish I could show it to you but it has a nude person water sailing and my blog page is PG.

That same day for the vast investment of 99 cents I picked up this cute little vase. I love anything blue glass.

My roses look so adorable in there. Look how the glass glistens and takes on another dimension now it has some water and flowers in's almost magical!


  1. I love it - especially with the two red roses! Makes me want to hit the thrift stores now.

  2. What an adorable blue vase! You are right...the water and roses add a sparkle to it! I just adore small bud vases!!!


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