Monday, July 29, 2013

Monday's Meanderings In The Garden

I did have a pineapple, I was quite proud of it and checked on it every day for weeks....and then one morning....

It's a shame because it was ripe for picking (as you can see), but something noshed on it in the night.

Two weeks ago I emptied out my compost bin into the raised vegetable bed that once housed the onions and cabbages. Within a few days I was surprised to see what appears to be squash plants coming up. 

I haven't had any luck for years growing squash because of the bugs that lay their eggs inside the stems, in order words I won't hold my breath.

Elsewhere in the garden I am amazed to still have quite a few thriving tomato plants. Some are doing better than others. The one on the right doesn't have as many leaves on it as it should, but it is fruiting and has plenty of blossoms. Too many leaves would indicate more nitrogen than it needs though. It's worth mentioning that I had a horrible year for growing tomatoes. The weather didn't help and it was the first time I grew any in amended garden soil. Finally my husband said 'why don't you go back to growing them in big pots?' It was already quite late in the season, but I grew 6 plants from seed and planted 4 of them in the soil and 2 in pots. The featured tomato plant is in a huge pot. It might be a Big Beef or Lemon Boy. I gave it a teaspoon of Epsom Salts to help it along.

The butterfly garden is a little overgrown (what else is new) and the milkweed plant is just loving all the abundant rain we have been getting recently.

Torenia has grown wild in my garden for years, I have to let it thrive where it will. It defies all attempts to be relocated into a hanging pot.

I planted this Chrysler Imperial rose a year ago. FlowerLady Lorraine (see my blog roll list FlowerLady's Musings) gave me some growing pointers, and so far so good. This rose has an amazing scent and loves all the used coffee grains it can get. Considering how hot and humid it is in South Florida I am very impressed with its hardiness.


  1. Oh, that's so too bad about your pineapple. What a beauty! We've been trying to grow cantaloupes and they've all been eaten, so I know what you're going through. It's quite disappointing. . . . I love your gorgeous rose!

  2. Ooooh no! I would be heartbroken! It looked so pretty though.


  3. Hi Dawn! I found a one ingredient recipe for is banana peels! I tried it and after the time needed for the nutrients to get down to the roots (a month or so), I am having abundant blooms! So sorry about your pineapple! How awful.

    1. Banana Peels, how interesting, thanks for the tip Julie!

  4. I have one pomegranate on my tree again this year and I'm afraid it will meet the same fate as your pineapple. :-(

    Squash is one veggie I've never had any luck with either. It's funny how we love gardening so much and yet it dishes us so much grief sometimes. Yet, there's nothing I'd rather do in my free time.

    Just wondering, will you cut the top off your nibbled on pineapple and grow another plant?

    1. Hi eli, thanks for the reminder! I retrieved the top from the compost, peeled of the last 2 inches of stem and popped it into the vacant space left by the pineapple-that-got-nibbled-on!

  5. I started putting my pinepples in a chicken wire made from tomato cage


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