Thursday, May 5, 2011

Hope Grows Day: May 2011

I am back again after some ongoing internet problems that my cable provider cannot seem to sort out.

April 2011

May 2011
Above is the frangipani in April. Leaves beginning to flush out and healthy growth but no flowers. Then the flowers came and oh my how gorgeous they are. The scent of these flowers is somewhere between a honeysuckle, and a confederate jasmine with a tinge of lemon. This frangipani has grown another 2 feet since April and we were not able to grab the higher branches with the most flowers.

Cane Orchid - April 2011
Buds on Cane Orchid - April 2011
Here is a picture of the "cane" orchid that I took in April. I was excited because it showed signs of some buds that, in two years it had not previously displayed.

Then the buds burst open and look how pretty it is. I moved some canes to a hanging basket to see whether they fare as well in an orchid basket as they appear to do in the ground. I had noticed some ant activity around the bud, so following some advice I put a few garlic cloves around the base of the plant to deter the ants.

Cane Orchid in Bloom - May 2011
Orchid in Basket

For Hope Grows Day: June. The Armenian cucumber is coming along nicely and busily clambering up anything it can hold onto. Note the "watering" system I have been using for some 3 years now. Basically cut off soda bottle (plastic), holes punched out in bottom and some rocks for stability. So far the drip method is working out really well and causes the plant less likely a candidate for powdery mildew.

In the Beginning

Coming Along Nicely

With Flowers
 What else is new in my garden? Why the gardenias of course!

 We are in Heaven "Scent" right now in my garden!


  1. It's looking good Dawn! I sympathise on the internet access issue: these days we rely so much on the internet that it has become a Must Have utility, just like gas and electricity.

  2. Ohhhh, your gardenias are truly beautiful. I love them and can smell them if i close my eyes. Good tip for the cukes, too...I may have to try that out.

  3. This is the first time I've seen the bloom of the Cane orchid. I've seen a lot of this plant but not the flower leading me to think this must be a non-flowering orchid, if there is one. Good thing I clicked on your link.

    One of my favorite fragrant flowers is the Gardenia.

  4. Mark: I am completely lost without internet access.

    Hanni: The gardenias are so deliciously scented, i was somewhat amazed at how many blooms were produced this year.

    Solitude Rising: Welcome, thank you for commenting! It is the first time I have seen a bloom on a cane orchid, I couldn't even identify orchid at first as there appeared to be nothing on internet.


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