Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Hope Grows Day: April 2011

In March my Frangipani (Plumeria) looked like this:
Frangipani March 2011
Frangipani April 2011

And now it has flushed out with some lovely leaves.

For April's Hope Grows I am looking forward to some flowers on the Frangipani, which smell heavenly.

I am also watching this orchid with considerable anticipation.
Terrestrial Orchid?

I was gifted this plant over 2 years ago, and told to put it directly in the ground in a semi-shaded location. The person that gifted this orchid told me it was a cane orchid and showed me his proud photo of this orchid growing everywhere in his yard.

It limped along for 2 years and now finally has some buds on it.  I also noticed that the ants seem to be rather interested in the bud. I read someplace to sprinkle garlic around the plant to deter them. Meanwhile, maybe someone can help me properly identify this type of orchid please?


  1. I am sorry, I am no help! I come here to learn about all your tropical plants which are foreign to this Hoosier. :)

  2. The Frangipani plant is like a hand with growing fingers, great photos. I hope the orchids start to take hold as they are beautiful plants.

  3. Hi Hanni, thanks for visiting anyway!

    Kelli, I agree they do look like fingers, and the light was kind to me!


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