Friday, February 11, 2011

Rain.......At Last!!!

Designer Rain Buckets
I was very happy to hear yesterday that we could expect some rain. A couple of times I saw huge black clouds closing in only to watch them waft away further east. Then finally, yesterday afternoon it poured. Luckily I had put out my designer rain buckets to catch the overflow from the roof. I know ....... I really should invest in a proper rain bucket, but in the meantime these will have to do.

Before the rain came, we had a little excitement here in the garden. If you read my previous blog, you will know all about my "prettying" up of my pots and wicker chair. At that time, my son and I wanted to paint the butterfly puddling dish, that the butterflies have never used for puddling purposes. However, when we turned the dish over - what do we see?  The dish is located right next to the Butterfly Weed.
What Have We Here?
We carefully replaced the dish and I took a daily peek until it turned almost purple on Weds. I don't know much about butterfly life cycles but I was pretty sure something was about to happen. And Thursday...ta dah! We took lots of photos quickly and left the poor little thing alone so it could dry its wings and be on its way hither and thither. And, I guess I will leave the dish alone and just enjoy its um, rustic charm as a butterfly nursery.

Newly Hatched
Drying Wings


  1. How beautiful! We had a similar occurrence in the fall. We waited and waited and waited and then missed the hatching. But fortunately we found the butterfly drying its wings down in the garden. It was truly amazing. Thanks for sharing!


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