Friday, December 17, 2010

T’is the Season to be Holly, I mean Jolly

Ahh! It’s that time of year again when families and friends get together to enjoy a dish and a dram or two. I always have to give myself a big lecture before attending or hosting one of these occasions on not to bore the ants, I mean pants, off anyone by twittering on about my garden and the beauty I find in it every day. Lettuce be clear about this, over the years I have found that I can very quickly glaze someone’s eyeballs over by tooting my hornet about how big my broccoli is, the merits of growing and eating organic vegetables, in addition to the germination time of a mini pepper seed. Sometimes I can get so carried away I find myself itching to talk about the wormy compost heap just as someone’s about to pop a meatball with spaghetti in their mouth. Oh well, I guess I am just an avid – or is it aphid – gardener? Onion you glad I’m not spending time at your home this festive season? Since most of our neighbors can actually hear both of our conure parrots shrieking away at every perceived danger, they have no interest in their diet or how cute and clever they are by saying things like “what’ya doing?” or “very bad birdie!” No sir, no-one is amused, imagine that. I guess I will just have to bonemeal up on some intellectually newsworthy item like the gasoline reserves or the debate of the tax package. Anyway folks, hoe, hoe, hoe …. Ooh that’s corn-y – may the joy and blessings of this season be yours.


  1. Very funny post!
    Wish you the best for the year Happy 2011!

  2. Thanks! Happy New Year to you too.


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